DJ Lessons

LEVEL 1: $399
At DJ4Life, starting out is simple: we provide all the equipment. The only thing you need to bring is your passion—and the music you are most interested in working with. Your instructors will then teach you how to mix your favorite tunes with the beats and flow needed to create an unforgettable evening or event.
* 3 sessions @ 1.5 hrs each
* Flexible schedule (arranged with instructor)

DJ Lessons
* How to properly select and handle the DJ equipment.
* Finding the First beat of the bar so you can properly match 2 songs.
* Evaluating Tempo differences and Applying the pitch control.
* How to manually Count BPM (Beats Per Minute)
* How to Utilize BPM in a set.
* Properly using gain and volume controls
* Proper way to use headphone so you can learn to mix much faster.
* Breaking down the mix and Song selection. 

* Regular Price: $499. NOW $399. (September Only).
DJ 4Life Academy | DJ Lessons and Classes

LEVEL 2: $499
You will go to instructors studio and continue with more advanced training. Perfecting the beat-matching, Discover most common DJ'ing tricks and how to properly use special effects. How to build your own set whether opening, closing or headlining. Advanced features of a mixer revealed. Demo mix will be recorded and you will walk away with your own mix. We will show you How to land your own DJ gig while we are preparing you to play live. Fully Customized lessons according to your needs.
Class meets once a week for 90 min for three weeks (total 3 sessions)
* Utilising the EQ
* Smooth mixing/ Cut mixing. 
* Proper Mixing techniques and transitions.
* Programming and energy levels. 
* Loops and effects
* Looping/ Beat Juggling. 
* Intros and outros and proper Release points. 
* Mapping out the mix. 
* Applying Eq’s and effects. 
* Mixing with different genres & double time. 
* 3 sessions @ 1.5 hrs each
* Flexible schedule (arranged with instructor) 
* Total Price: $499. Register Now.

DJ Lessons

LEVEL 3: $499

The ultimate in dee-jaying You re taking it to the stage in two unique opportunities to showcase your DJ skills at DJ4LIFE's own event. Prep session with instructor is included. You can also play in different cities based on availability.

DJ Lessons

DJ Lessons

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